tn_Keith Brocklebank

Keith is a volunteer coach who comes down every Sunday during the season to teach jet ski because he loves it!

Keith has been riding since way back when jet ski first appeared in the UK and he was one of the early free style competitors in the 1990′s

We asked him what he liked about his sport and this is what he had to say…

So Keith.. what dings your bell when it comes to jet ski?

I just love stand up free style, I have been riding for more years than I care to remember and competed back in the 90′s when we could do more than just barrel roll!

Ha ha, so you used to wear all the ‘old school’ gear and your training was talking about your next move in the bar?

Yep… thats about it, the stories I could tell!

So were you actually any good at this free style stuff?

Some say I was OK, I ended my competing days back in the late 90′s and was ranked no 2 in the UK at the time.

So basically yes then!

Ha ha, yeah, I suppose I was OK for a pup, more of an old timer now though, I love teaching others some of the old school tricks and of course I now have my RYA PWC Instructors certificate so I have to be sensible… most of the time!

What was your best ride in the last 12 months then?

Well, keeping that answer clean… it would have to be when I managed to go from 72 MPH at sea on a SEADOO RXP-X to a massive sub under a wave when riding down in Weymouth by using the brake system to stop the bike as the wave hit… great fun!

Ha – so you do still like to play!

Its what keeps me young and fun in todays jet ski world!

Thanks Keith, we like those answers and can’t wait to see you riding like you stole it at the lake this summer!